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Caleta Cycles

About Us

Our Mission

At Caleta Cycles, our mission is to redefine adventure through seamless cycling experiences.


We're dedicated to providing quality bike rentals and captivating guided tours, ensuring every rider discovers the joy of exploration.


Committed to excellence since 2007, we invite you to pedal into a world of excitement with us.

Caleta Cycles
Caleta Cycles

Our History

Established in 2007, our cycling journey began with a passion for exploration. From humble beginnings, we've grown into a premier bike rental and guided tour destination. Committed to excellence, we've pedaled through years of adventure, creating cherished memories for cyclists worldwide. Join us in celebrating our rich and vibrant history!

Our Facilities and features

Roads, City and Mountains Rides

Elevate Your Adventure, Mountain Biking Style.

Electric and kids Ride

Power Your Ride, Electrify Your Adventure!

Guided Bikes Tours

Ride, Explore, Experience – Guided Tours Redefined

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